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Etiquette for Children and Teens

We provide a fun, engaging course to teach the basics for lifelong social success to all children!  


Our Etiquette 101 class was created for presentation at schools, community centers, libraries, restaurants or hotels and country club dining rooms. Seminars are approximately 1-2 hours in length. These programs are suitable for children 7-12 and 13-17 years of age. These are not open enrollment with set dates. They are customized to a client's needs, location and date.


Students will learn dining etiquette and table manners during a multi-course lunch or dinner. A full range of age appropriate soft skills will be taught, such as first impressions, introductions, conversation skills, cell phone and social media etiquette, the importance of thank yous and respecting others.


These are important life skills and instructors help students understand how knowing proper etiquette and being a considerate person builds self-confidence and makes lives better.  Contact us to schedule a class for your group!

Contact us today to arrange a class!

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