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About Us

The Etiquette School of Chicago brings relevant, enjoyable etiquette training directly to your group.


We are not a brick-and-mortar school but go onsite to teach. The majority of our classes come together when someone brings our instructors in to teach their specific group. Companies bring us onsite to train a group of employees, colleges and universities bring in a group of students, and private clubs bring in their members.


Our Mission

At the Etiquette School of Chicago, our mission is to change the mindset that etiquette and manners are only for the elite. We are an education company dedicated to using an enjoyable, interactive and informative "here's why this is relevant to you" approach.


We believe that when social etiquette and manners are not just words but "a way of life," they can lead to heightened awareness and self-confidence in adults and children. This translates into increased work productivity and a happier, fuller life. We show our clients how these skills can be applied to their everyday lives and ultimately contribute to their success.


Our Credentials

Our team holds credentials from three prestigious schools:

  • The American School of Protocol

  • The Emily Post Institute

  • The Etiquette Institute


Our Philosophy

Our teaching is guided by a single principle: sincerity. We believe that everyone can build stronger relationships in their personal and professional lives when they practice consideration, respect and honesty.

The Etiquette School of Chicago is your source for etiquette classes in Chicago and surrounding suburbs.

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